Service API Design and Management Course (3 Module Bundle)

The Microservice Professional Consulting course is comprised of three modules that provide a cross-section of topic coverage relevant to planning, building and utilizing microservices, including application architecture, containerization, service APIs, and security technology and practices.

Each module has a set of lessons and is further supplemented with exercises to help reinforce your understanding of specific topics. Upon completing the course, you can proceed to take an online self-test. After passing the self-test you will receive an official digital Certificate of Completion and will also be provided with the option to order a digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly. Passing the self-test also prepares you for the official certification exam, as explained on the Microservice Consultant Certification page. A separate Exam Prep Kit with more sample questions can also be ordered.

Further resources are available to assist you with the completion of this course and preparation of the certification exam. These include downloadable digital course PDFs, printed course materials that can be shipped to your location, as well as access to the course materials via a feature-rich eLearning environment. Coaching and instructor-led training services available by Arcitura and its training partner network. You can purchase coaching time on an hourly basis using this platform. Instructor-led workshops are also available for individuals and groups of participants.

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Service Technology School

Fundamental Microservices, Service Technology & SOA

30 hours

Corresponding Certification:
Microservice Consultant


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Course Modules

MODULE 09 | Fundamental Microservice Professional Consulting & Containerization
Establishes foundational microservice technology architecture and design models and further introduces containerization concepts and container characteristics. Topics covered include microservice deployment, provisioning, registration and isolation levels, as well as logical containers, PODs and composition architecture.

MODULE 12 | Fundamental Service API Design & Management
Essential topics are covered pertaining to modern-day service API design and management. Coverage includes positive and negative API coupling types, the use of API proxies and API gateways, as well as service API versioning.

MODULE 18 | Fundamental Security for Services, Microservices & SOA
Provides coverage of essential security concepts and controls, as well as techniques and industry technologies that pertain to establishing security measures and security architectures for microservices and other types of services.