Cloud Virtualization Specialist

The Cloud Virtualization Specialist Certification is an official professional accreditation. A Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist has a detailed understanding of cloud virtualization technologies and mechanisms, as well as knowledge of the cloud virtualization technology architecture.

Those who achieve this certification receive an official digital Certificate of Excellence, as well as a digital Certification Badge from Acclaim/Credly, with an account that supports the online verification of certification status. Digital accreditation certificates and badges are free of charge and are provided to you automatically.

To attain this certification, the Cloud Technology Professional Certification needs to be attained and the Cloud Virtualization Specialist Certification Exam needs to be completed with a passing grade.
This exam encompasses topics covered in the Cloud Virtualization Course. Practice exam questions are available to help prepare for the exam.

Further exam preparation resources are available, including downloadable digital course PDFs, printed course materials that can be shipped to your location, as well as coaching and instructor-led training services available by Arcitura and its training partner network. You can purchase coaching time on an hourly basis and instructor-led training workshops are available for individuals and groups.

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Cloud School

Cloud Technology Professional Certification

Exam Duration:
110 minutes

Price: $249

Corresponding Course:
Cloud Virtualization