Cloud Virtualization Course (3 Modules)

The Cloud Virtualization course is comprised of three course modules that cover industry virtualization technology models and mechanisms for building cloud-based virtualization environments and solutions. The final course module consists of a series of lab exercises that require you to apply your knowledge of the preceding courses in order to fulfill project requirements and solve real world problems.

Each module has a set of lessons and is further supplemented with exercises and practice questions to help reinforce your understanding of key topics. Completing this course also prepares you for the official certification exam, as explained on the Cloud Virtualization Specialist Certification page.

Further resources are available to assist you with the completion of this course and preparation for the certification exam. These include downloadable digital course PDFs, printed course materials that can be shipped to your location, as well as coaching and instructor-led training services available by Arcitura and its training partner network. You can purchase coaching time on an hourly basis and instructor-led training workshops are available for individuals and groups.

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Program: Cloud Computing School

Prerequisites: Cloud Computing

Duration: 30 hours

Price: from $25

Corresponding Certification:
Cloud Virtualization Specialist

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This course contains all required content to complete all modules. Video lessons are optional supplements that provide an additional medium for studying the workbook lessons that are included in this course. The video lessons for this course are in development and will be published soon. Until then, the course is available at a reduced price. If you purchase the course now, the video lessons will be automatically added to your account as soon as they become available and at no extra charge.

Course Modules

MODULE 16 | Fundamental Cloud Virtualization
Core topic areas pertaining to fundamental virtualization mechanisms and types used within contemporary cloud computing platforms are explored, along with various key performance indicators and related metrics.

MODULE 17 | Advanced Cloud Virtualization
A range of specialized and advanced design practices and architecture models are provided to explore virtualization-related reliability, performance and integration. Combinations of virtualization mechanisms are covered in different application scenarios.

MODULE 18 | Cloud Virtualization Lab
Presents a series of exercises and problems that are designed to test your ability to apply your knowledge of topics covered in previous courses. The lab provides a series of real-world exercises for applying cloud virtualization technology architectures and mechanisms to complete a series of real-world exercises.