Cloud Security Course (3 Modules)

The Cloud Security course is comprised of three modules that provide comprehensive coverage of security controls, security mechanisms and security architecture models for cloud-based environments and solutions, as well as techniques and practices for responding to security threats.

Each module has a set of lessons and is further supplemented with exercises and practice questions to help reinforce your understanding of key topics. Completing this course also prepares you for the official certification exam, as explained on the Cloud Security Specialist Certification page.

Further resources are available to assist you with the completion of this course and preparation for the certification exam. These include downloadable digital course PDFs, printed course materials that can be shipped to your location, as well as coaching and instructor-led training services available by Arcitura and its training partner network. You can purchase coaching time on an hourly basis and instructor-led training workshops are available for individuals and groups.

This course is available via two separate eLearning platforms, each of which has different features and benefits. Upon clicking the Enroll button, you will be able to choose the eLearning option that works best for you.

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Program: Cloud Computing School

Prerequisites: Cloud Computing

Duration: 30 hours

Price: from $29

Corresponding Certification:
Cloud Security Specialist

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Course Modules

MODULE 07 | Fundamental Cloud Security
Dives into the implementation technologies behind the cloud security mechanisms and further explores how cloud-based security technologies can be configured and combined to establish a cloud security architecture.

MODULE 08 | Advanced Cloud Security
Complex security topics are covered with an emphasis on the application of cloud security mechanisms, models and technologies in order to establish sophisticated, custom security controls for preventative and reactionary responses to common threats and attacks.

MODULE 09 | Cloud Security Lab
Presents a series of exercises and problems that are designed to test your ability to apply your knowledge of topics covered in previous courses. The lab provides a series of real-world exercises for applying security techniques and mechanisms to complete a series of exercises that present real-world security problems.